Ustvolskaya was an enigma: a quiet, reserved and introspective individual who wrote powerful, massively constructed (yet short in length) music which astounded her audiences and ten years after her death is becoming highly regarded and Ustvolskaya is almost becoming a cult figure. Unrelenting rhythms in many works brought her the nickname ‘The Lady with the Hammer’. Russian pianist Natalia Andreeva has however studied the music in great depth and while fully committed to the great mechanistic climaxes also brings out the lyrical and melodic qualities which are always present, especially in the earlier works such as the picturesque Preludes. This composer, a pupil of Shostakovich

(who claimed that he could teach her nothing new), will be seen in hindsight as a pivotal figure in the development of 20th century Soviet/Russian music.

(CDs are now available contact Natalia)

Natalya has three professional CDs. Please feel free to click on the links and listen to her music.

CD one has contents

  • J S. Bach  Well-Tempered Clavier Prelude and Fugue in C# minor  Book 1
  • L Van Beethoven – Sonata No 27 Op 90
  • A. Scriabin – Sonata No 10 Op 70
  • S. Prokofiev – Sonata No 2 Op 14

CD two has contents

  • Bach J S – Liszt F.  Prelude and Fugue in A Minor (organ)
  • Debussy C. – Estampes
  • Rachmaninov S – Etudes – Tableaux No. 5 G Minor, No 6 C sharp Minor
  • Ustvolskaya G. – Sonata No 5 in 10 sections 1986

CD three has contents

Natalya has solo program recorded at the ABC that went on air in April 2009.  Here are the program details:
Bach Prelude and Fugue No 4 in C sharp minor, BWV849 7’48
Shostakovich Prelude and Fugue No 20 in C minor 10’11
Ustvolskaya Sonata No 4 (1957) 13’10
Rachmaninov Étude-tableaux, Op 33: No 5 in G minor 3’19 and No 6 in C sharp minor 3’44


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